Hannah Perry was born 1984 in Cheshire, UK. She lives and works in London, UK. Perry is a British artist working in installation, print and video. She graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2009 and then Royal Academy of Arts 2014. Perry develops a sprawling network of references, drawing inspiration from personal experience, the testimony of others and the accelerated nature of our hypertechnological times. She explores the ways in which communication and recording technologies have become the prerequisites of selfhood, highlighting the psychological impact of our daily digital filtering. Dwelling into complexities of our inner worlds, as well as everyday physical and mental endurance, her work maps collective sociocultural parameters (gender, social class, pop culture) from a personal and diaristic tone.


Recently informed by a series of collaborations with leading contemporary musicians, dancers and young people, she produces large scale, dynamic audio-visual installations utilising sound, technology, dance, spoken word, printmaking and 360-video, to engage with issues relating to our individual and collective welfare. Her recent work explores how mental health, grief, youth, social class, erotic discourse, and taste intersect with the performative aspect of resilience, the necessity of our interdependence and our capacity to share.


Recent exhibitions include: a solo show ‘Liquid Language‘ at the Arsenal Contemporary Art Toronto, 2019 and 'A Smashed Window and an Empty Room' at the Kunstverein Hamburg, 2019, as well as an exhibition during an Artist-in-Residence programme of the Ural Industrial Biennial of Contemporary Art, Yekaterinburg, Russia, 2019; 'Gush', Somerset House, London, 2018 and 'Rage Fluids', Kuenstlerhaus, Graz, AT.

Her work has been shown at: ‘Double Feature‘ Schirn Kunsthalle, Frankfurt 2019, Over the Influence, LA, 2019, Arsenal Contemporary, Montreal, 2016, ICA Off-Site, London, 2015, Zabludowicz Collection, London, 2014, 'Private Settings: Art After the Internet', MOMA Warsaw, Poland, 2014, 'A sense of things', Zabludowicz Collection, London, 2014, 'Kicking My Game', Royal Academy of Arts, London, 2014, and Stedelijk at Trouw, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, 2013.  

In 2014 Hannah Perry was invited to compose a performance at the Serpentine Gallery, London upon an invitation of Hans Ulrich Obrist.