Patric Sandri

Patric Sandri b. 1979, in Uster, Switzerland. Lives and works in Zurich, Switzerland. 2012 MA, Royal College of Art, London. Sandri's work investigates the medium of painting and the perception of its properties. His focus is on the awareness of the "gaze" and the aspect of looking, whether it is by the artist, or the viewer. This extends into how light and material can interfere and interrupt the gaze and result in a phenomenological response, such as perception, affect and illusion. Sandri is trying to find room for perceptual inconsistency to be included in the phenomenon of painting. Using the mistakes of perceptual apprehension has become more and more important in the way he generates ideas and works. During the process of painting he questions the role of the "image". The function of a three-dimensional object and its carrier is explored, often deconstructed and put into a new order again. The pictorial plane is treated as a zone of impact and reaction, the body of the image carrier as an autonomous sculpture. Light completes the paintings and is thematised by the image back sides, the sides of the canvas and the stretcher bars which are painted. The colours reflect and radiate through the transparent fabrics on the background which is dipped in coloured light. The front and the backsides of the canvas are equally important and Sandri also creates illusions about these.


Recent Solo Exhibitions include: 'Three Three Three', KORE Contemporary, Bern 2018; 'XYZ', FAQ, Basel 2018; 'Filter', A+, Berlin 2018; 'Couples and Relationships', Combustión Espontánea, Madrid 2018; ‘ArtVerona', Annarumma Gallery, 2017;  'PAINT(H)INGS' Project Room, Lisa Kandlhofer Galerie 2017; 'Between Numbers and Poems', Annarumma Gallery 2016 'Eight Canvas - One Painting', BA LTSprojects 2016; 'Untitled(to)', Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer 2016 'Interspaces', Kiosk Tabak 2016; 'Walks', Lokal 14, 2015 ; 'Echoes', Sihlhalle, 2014 'Patric Sandri - Projections', Toni-Areal, 2014 ; 'Versus Vice Versa', Hockney Gallery 2012.

His work has been displayed in recent group shows, including: 'What is DRAWing?', Temple Church Triforium, London, 2018; 'Geneve Reloaded', multipleart, Zurich, 2018; Vienna Contemporary, Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer, Vienna, 2018; Exposition XLHermetschloostrasse 77, Zurich, 2018; Frank Piasta & Patric Sandrimultipleart, Zurich, 2017; Work and Residency Grants of the City of Zurich, Helmhaus, Zurich, 2017; A.C. Kupper Modern, 2017; Tart Gallery (with Barbezat&Villetard), 2017; Federico Rui, (with Jenny Brosinski and Struan Teague), 2017; 'Softening the Marging', Project175, 2016; 'Catch of the Year', Dienstgebäude, 2016 ; 'Summer never ends', Laurent Marthaler Contemporary, 2016 ; 'Colors', Laurent Marthaler Contemporary, 2016; Dallas Art Fair with Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer 2016. Upcoming shows: 'Gestures of Light', Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig, Leipzig, 2019; 'TBA', Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer, Vienna, 2019; 'TBA', Annarumma Gallery, Neapel, 2019