Tali Lennox (b.1993 in London, UK) lives and works in New York, US.


The paintings of Tali Lennox are links and mediators between reality and the fictional stories of characters living within their own mythologies. The subjects in Lennox’s paintings are often strangers she approaches on New York City streets. She then meets them a second time one-on-one, where she photographs them to paint from a real-life narrative. Adorned in costumes, masks and makeup, the figures stand within a sequence of real or imaginary images like those seen in a dream.


In her practice Lennox draws on the style and hedonistic essence of the 1920’s, a post-war era that shook societal boundaries, embracing new liberation and scandalous underworlds, captured by artists such as Brassai and Otto Dix, from whom Lennox takes much inspiration. Additionally, Lennox is also inspired by the work of British portraitist Gerald Brockhurst whose figures were submerged into moonlit realms, their skin grey and shining, suggesting an eerie melancholia that existed within the young and beautiful of the time.


Throughout her practice, Lennox suspends her characters in a state of obscurity, ambiguity, and gradual decline. The costumes and masks give both freedom and imprisonment in the quest for selfhood.


Lennox’s selected exhibitions include: ‘The Ballad of Linda Leven’, Meredith Rosen Gallery, New York (2019); ‘Ashes & Confetti’, Vogue & AG hosted at Chelsea Hotel, New York (2016); ‘Layers Of Life’, Catherine Ahnell Gallery, New York (2015).