Fredy Solan | Impossible Objects

23 February - 25 March 2023
Solan's first show in Austria showcases works from his most recent series of paintings, titled Impossible Objects. The show features a selection of works made between 2020 and 2023. Inspired by the idea of transforming and exploring the limits of painting, the artist revisits the Vanitas-Still Life theme, which he interprets under the idea that "all objects have a source of light within". Abstract painting, spirituality in relation to music, absurdism, and innovation of the medium itself all come together in this selection. A juxtaposed dialogue. As a result of the artist's pictorial research, Solan combines the essence of abstract painting in the same way that he presents a mixture conceptually.
Seeing objects without prejudice. A vase and flowers on a table are represented in still life compositions. Solan captured the bio-rhythms of these flowers through digital sound recording and digital animation programs. He is able to create movement within the digitally captured sounds and gestures that are the foundations of these paintings, which are printed on canvas. And that reproduces formal interpretations through a rigorous layering of hand-painting techniques. The final result is a painting that is an artistic artifact between analog and digital. 
With this series of paintings, sounds can be visualized. Colors from the sound spectrum, electromagnetic waves brought from organic forms and light moving at different speeds. Aiming at learning about the way our brain interprets color and its possibilities. This offers an aesthetic exploration of the movement of light in painting. 
As simply as possible, he presents the meaning of life and death. It is a vase of flowers whose beauty unfolds slowly to an end. The artist proposes a universal truth that comes from an intimate point of view. 
Fredy Solan is (San Salvador, 1992), based in Berlin  and works between San Salvador and Berlin.  As a native painter, his work is centered on the idea of new forms of representation and abstraction in contemporary painting, exploring the possibilities of expanding painting and its limits, and establishing unexpected relationships with other media. 
Fredy Solan was selected by artist Mark Dion and curator Rocio Aranda of El Barrio Museum of New York to attend an Artist Academy with Naama Tsabar in 2015, represented El Salvador at the 10th Central American Biennial in 2016, experimental and innovative in contemporary sculpture in Context Miami, curated by Claire Breukel in 2016, and winner of "the site-specific installation Hejduk Towers", City of Culture, Spain in 2017. 
Notable shows such as “Borders of Freedom” at Locust Projects Miami 2019 and Los Angeles contemporary art LACE 2020. “How spaces of uncertainty situate”, Hochschule für Künste, Bremen 2020. “Terms of Endearment”, Ernst Hilger Gallery, Vienna 2021. 
His work is in the permanent collection of the MARTE Museum in San Salvador and the City of Culture in Spain. The key publications about his practice are: History of Salvadoran Art 1821 - 2015 by Jorge Palomo, produced by MARTE Museum, El Salvador 2017. Emergency Index: An annual document of performance practice vol. 6 and 10, 2016 and 2020.