Hamid Nii Nortey’s (b. 1987) most recent body of work will be displayed in his first European solo exhibition “Faith in Strangers”. This compelling series of paintings addresses the diverse socio-political intricacies of migration, spanning from historical references, via expatriatism to political persecution.
Nortey, a self-taught emerging Ghanaian artist, developed his interest in painting as a pupil in Mandla Dada basic school in La Accra, Ghana, and stood witness to the city’s considerable transformation from then on. His compelling and colorful figurative paintings delve into Ghana and the continents fast evolving social landscape shedding a light onto its diverse social classes, as well as the resulting generational developments. Nortey’s works are characterized by his signature cross hatching technique which he applies onto the skins of his figures. Contrasting the artist’s broad and smooth Impressionist colour palette, from sienna brown to burnt sienna, the close-knit parallel lines, varying in spacing and width, create a rough, loose organic texture, conveying the at once visual and tactile qualities of natural skin. Starting from meticulous and playful sketches, his portraits grow into lifelike, and lively, visual impressions. He reflects upon his engagement with architectural structures to create sceneries of different composition, modern home decor and different image perspectives that resonate and compel his viewers to be physically and emotionally invested in the subjects story.
Installation shots