Group Exhibition I Followed you to the sun

4 May - 2 June 2018

Curated by Ala Glasner


Fiete Stolte | Daniel Steegmann Mangrané | Jeremy Shaw | Christian Falsnaes | Tomás Saraceno | Maximilian Prüfer | Goshka Macuga | Rodrigo Valenzuela | Moritz Lacler | Diana Sirianni | Naama Ityel


I followed you to the sun brings together eleven international artists from established to debuting who have not been shown together previously. They all work with different media ranging from sculpture, photography, video, performance and painting to installations. What brings them together is a certain transitional element in their work and artistic idea. I followed you to the sun, curated by Berlin based Ala Glasner, reflects on seminal issues such as time, beginnings and endings, construction and deconstruction- maybe even challenging contemporary discourses in visual arts.