Karl Karner b. 1973, Feldbach, Austria. Lives and works in Vienna and Feldbach, Austria. Karner obtained his MA at the Academy of Fine Arts, Vienna under professor Heimo Zobernig. Karner creates bronze- and aluminum sculptures of a mystic and dreary beauty. The Austrian artist continuously discusses in his art - that includes, next to his sculptures, also extensively installed pieces of work and performances - the concepts of bodily perception and the concept of corporeality itself. These are not only related to the human body, but can yet be understood as a wide discussion of object, materiality and space. Karner’s newest project are tights on which he prints his drawings - turning legs into a moving picture. Coming from the perspective of performance and fine art, Karner has been conceptualising how he could animate his drawings in the real. Utilising the spontaneity and expressive nature of drawing he felt he was able to make something more tangible to his continuing investigation into sculpture and performance. By wearing the tights you automatically enter into a state of theatre, your body becomes the stretcher to the medium.


Recent solo exhibitions include: 'rhabarber schwarz', Artdepot Gallery, Innsbruck, 2018; 'getting down on knees and nerves' collaboration with Nana Mandl, Kunsthalle Graz, 2018; 'Spiel gerade Höllentor', Galerie Lisa Kandlhofer, 2016; 'Nude Program', ABContemporary, 2016; 'Lungball', Galerie Lendl, 2016 and 'FakeFukoo', ABContemporary, 2015. Karner was included in recent group shows: 'The Garden' Sculpture Park, Lisa Kandlhofer Galerie, 2018; Sculpture Park Landart Eisenberg during Hochsommer Exhibition, Burgenland, AT, 2018; 'inverting Battlefield', Feldbach, AT, 2018; 'inside töpfern', rk-Galerie, curated by Julia Wirxel, Berlin, 2018; 'before the beginning and after the end' curated by Ala Glasner, Vienna, 2018; 'Runter von den Marmorklippen', curated by Martin Kwade, 2017; ‘NaKa', Kunsthalle K2, 2017; 'Styrian Power', Künstlerhaus Klagenfurt, 2017; 'Art festival Hochsommer', Feldbach, Austria, 2017; 'Würfeln III' Donaufestival, Krems, 2017; 'Buchstabenfest', Zollamt, Bad Radkasburg, 2017; 'Nach Picasso', Museum Forum Frohner, Krems, 2016; Unexpected Forms I – V, NöART, 2016; ‘Yes, but is it performable?', KM Künstlerhaus, Graz, 2016 and Colombo Art Biennale, SriLanka.