Pier Stockholm @ Turbulence Artist Talk

Instituto Tomie Ohtake
Instituto Tomie Ohtake
Organizes parallel activity to SP-ARTE
On the 3rd April, from 2pm – 7:30pm. Free entry, by order of arrival.
Simultaneous translation portuguese-english.
Turbulence – Artist Talks is an exclusive program organized by Instituto Tomie Ohtake, in partnership with SP-ARTE – International Art Fair in São Paulo, that offers the public the opportunity to get in touch with international and Brazilian artists, to learn more about their artistic production, interests and research.
To make this possible, Instituto Tomie Ohtake decided to create a single program of activities that are in dialogue with the current exhibitions on show, that also establish a connection with SP-ARTE.
In addition to the three Brazilian artists João Castilho, Jorge Soledar Chaia, currently on show at Instituto Tomie Ohtake in the exhibition ‘It ́s like dancing about the architecture,’ part of the program Arte Atual (Current Art) town: Bosco Sodi (1970, Mexico City. Lives and works in New York), Dalila and Lia will share their experiences with names that, at the time of SP-Arte, will be in Gonçalves, (1982, Castelo de Paiva, Portugal. Lives and works in Porto and Castelo de Paiva), Ignacio Gatica (1988, Chile. Lives and works in Santigo, Chile), Mariana Mauricio (1983, Rio de Janeiro. Lives and works in London), Navid Nuur (1976, Iran. Lives and works in The Hague) and Pier Stockholm (1977, Lima, Peru. Lives and works in Paris). To close the day, the consecrated artists Carmela Gross (1964, São Paulo. Lives and works in São Paulo), Sandra Cinto (1978, Santo André, SP. Lives and works in São Paulo) and Waltercio Caldas (1946, Rio de Janeiro. Lives and works in Rio de Janeiro) will participate in the roundtable of the launch of the exhibition catalogue ‘The Many and the One - Contemporary Brazilian Art in the collection of Andrea and José Olympio Pereira.’
João Castilho, Jorge Soledar and Lia Chaia share their experiences in the concepts behind the show "It's like dancing about the architecture" from the Arte Atual Program, developed by Instituto Tomie Ohtake since 2013, in which the exhibition is built from direct contact between artists and curators and made possible in partnership with the galleries that represent them. In this edition, the concept of the show brings as a motto the relation between body and space in its more intimate aspect as well as in perspective with the city.
International guests will participate in a round of public interviews coordinated by Paulo Miyada, curator of Instituto Tomie Ohtake and coordinator of the Curatorial and Research Department, also involved in these interviews. Following a brief presentations of each artist, Miyada will ask some questions that will help deepen the understanding of the themes approached.
Roundtable to launch the catalogue of one of the biggest exhibitions of contemporary art that occurred in Instituto Tomie Ohtake in 2016: The many and the one – Brazilian contemporary Art in the collection of Andrea and José Olympio Pereira. Occurred more than one year ago, the publication brings essays on Brazilian contemporary art written by Robert Storr, Luis Pérez-Oramas, Aracy Amaral, Paulo Miyada and Vanessa Davidson. The catalogue also contains photographs of the exhibition, images of all works that were on show, and an interview with Andrea and José Olympio Pereira. With the collectors, Paulo Miyada and the artists Carmela Gross, Sandra Cinto and Waltercio Caldas - fundamental names in Brazilian contemporary art and widely represented within
the collection. 
April 7, 2017