FreshPaintMagazine - Issue 12

Top Pick from the blog - Meet Julia Faber

Human nature and human evolution are my sources of inspiration. It fascinates me how man managed to influence his own physical development by technical means. Man has stepped into the footsteps of a creator, making new life forms, or manipulating the physical properties of his unborn children. Traces of these technologies can be found throughout history and western myths, man tried to do this for a very long time, it is only now that he is starting to succeed. I believe that subconsciously humans strive to imitate their idea of a divine, immortal and omnipotent ideal. 


My way of working reflects this ambition for perfection and improvement. The hyperrealistic oil paintings counteract with hard ink drawings made with an architecture pen; this underlines the scientific and technical aspect of the topic of my works.


Living in Vienna, Austria, history and culture are a big part of the city and life here. They surround the inhabitants completely, and so it is no wonder I like to embed my contemporary works often in a deep cultural historical context.

April 29, 2016