Pier Stockholm / Solo Show, Gallery glucia de la puente, Peru

Pier Stockholm


Salas I y II

From 10/10/2014 To 22/11/2014

The continuous creation process of an artist is evidenced in this show by Pier Stockholm. The importance of the studio as a privileged space where ideas are sorted and materialize, and the need for connection and coexistence between it and the final artistic production when it comes to displaying the work.

The pieces are as important as the process and the space where this happens. Therefore, the artist turns one of the showrooms in a studio while the exhibition itself is shown. The daily exercise of the artist’s studio, where procrastination and compulsive activity alternate giving feedback to a creative leisure.

Mark off, sort, transform, build, within a specific place creating systems which appear to measure time, rhythm and movement. Dynamic extended by the artist towards the exhibition space, in opposition to common visual silence and isolation in the art galleries.

For Stockholm, the exhibition is a kind of geometric choreography, made up of drawings on tracing paper, photographs and installation, (usually involves sculptural objetcs on top of “working tables”, wall paint). It expresses the naturalness of the daily activities trying to be rationalized. Celebrates the preparation of things. Poetry of work in his system.

November 8, 2014